AIOTI and The ADE are supporting parties FLEXCON2018

AIOTI and The ADE are supporting parties FLEXCON2018

  • AIOTI is the Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation.  Smart Energy professionals envision IoT to open up opportunities in Sustainable Energy and smart grids. The mission of AIOTI is to strengthen the European IoT ecosystem.
  • The Association for Decentralised Energy ADE strives for a local, efficient, low carbon energy system which enables energy users to make the choices which work for them.

Solvera Lynx joins FLEXCON2018

Solvera Lynx is a partner of FLEXCON2018.
They will present GemaLogic Energy Flexibility platform that provides control for ancillary services (secondary and tertiary reserve), flexible energy resources (energy flexibility in steel and glass factories) and demand response (critical peak tariffs, dynamical tariffs, tertiary reserve in households and small business customers).

Sympower joins FLEXCON2018

Sympower, one of Europe’s most promising Smart Energy Scale-Ups, is now FLEXCON2018 partner.

Sympower will share its vision on balancing the grid, and how industrial distributed assets can play an active role in this.

FREE access for Master and PHD students

Are you an ambitious Master- or PHD student? Then this is interesting for you: FLEXCON offers free access for 10 students and researchers for FLEXCON 2018

Apply here, or read more.

FLEXCON2018 startup program

At FLEXCON we spark innovation. That is why we have set up a Startup program for FLEXCON2018, just like last year.

EnergyVille: 2 sessions at FLEXCON2018

Flemish research institution EnergyVille is a collaboration between KU Leuven, VITO, imec and UHasselt in the field of sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems.

EnergyVille will host 2 sessions:

  • TSO-DSO coordination leading to innovations in market design
  • Flexibility Trading with distributed Power-to-Heat resources in local communities

EPEX SPOT partner of FLEXCON2018

We are very happy to announce EPEXSPOT as partner of FLEXCON2018.

EPEX SPOT is the exchange for the power spot markets at the heart of Europe. With presence in Germany, France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, we are looking forward to their vision and solutions on the Energy Transition.


Energy Pool joins FLEXCON2018

We are very happy to announce that Energy Pool, provider of demand-side management solutions, will be present on FLEXCON2018.

Anne-Sophie Chamoy, Energy Pool’s Head of strategy and public affairs, will discuss Flexibility models for Europe: is a French-German synthesis possible?