EnergyVille: 2 sessions at FLEXCON2018

Flemish research institution EnergyVille is a collaboration between KU Leuven, VITO, imec and UHasselt in the field of sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems.

EnergyVille will host 2 sessions:

  • TSO-DSO coordination leading to innovations in market design
  • Flexibility Trading with distributed Power-to-Heat resources in local communities

EPEX SPOT partner of FLEXCON2018

We are very happy to announce EPEXSPOT as partner of FLEXCON2018.

EPEX SPOT is the exchange for the power spot markets at the heart of Europe. With presence in Germany, France, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Switzerland and Luxembourg, we are looking forward to their vision and solutions on the Energy Transition.


Energy Pool joins FLEXCON2018

We are very happy to announce that Energy Pool, provider of demand-side management solutions, will be present on FLEXCON2018.

Anne-Sophie Chamoy, Energy Pool’s Head of strategy and public affairs, will discuss Flexibility models for Europe: is a French-German synthesis possible?

REstore joines FLEXCON2018

We are very happy to announce that REstore will join FLEXCON2018. REstore is an energy technology companies specialised in Demand Side Management. The company offers Demand Response services to Industrial, Commercial and Residential consumers. REstore was acquired by Centrica in 2017.

REstore will address how Europe can unlock (aggregated) demand response and storage for a secure, cost-efficient and sustainable energy transition.

EVconsult joins FLEXCON2018

EVconsult strives to create an emission-free world by contributing towards this by harnessing our passion for electric mobility.

At FLEXCON2018, experts from EVConsult will cover the advantages and value of different smart charging options, focussing on EV-ready buildings.


Actility joins FLEXCON2018

Actility allows industries and commercial energy consumers to disclose their process flexibility via demand-side management, reducing their energy costs and environmental footprint.

At FLEXCON2018, Actility will share their vision on how innovative parties can cooperate with large energy suppliers and with large energy consumers.

Early-bird campaign started

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TKI Urban Energy joins FLEXCON2018

Just like last year, TKI EU is partner of FLEXCON.

TKI Urban Energy develops energy innovations to enable a fast transition to a sustainable, reliable, and affordable energy system in the urban environment and infrastructure. This strengthens the economic strength and competitive position of the businesses and knowledge institutions involved.

Over 250 innovation projects have been started in collaboration with businesses and knowledge institutions over the past four years. Of the 45 finished projects, several innovations have already found their way to the market or are in the process of doing so. TKI connects and supports businesses and knowledge institutions in the development and application of these innovations.

NODES joined FLEXCON2018

Agder Energi, Microsoft and other partners have been running a project in Southern Norway for the past two years where it has been demonstrated that the use of new technology can defer grid investment.  See Microsoft video here.  Microsoft and Agder Energi has recently been awarded an international innovation price for this work.

To take the project further, Agder Energi and Nord Pool has set up NODES AS, an European Independent Market Operator.   At NODES, NODESmarket is being set up as a integrated marketplace for local flexibility.  An overview of the concept is described in this video.

At NODES we have been working with an international team of experts (which includes DNV.GL and USEF to define roles and market design as a “bottom up” approach to flexibility markets.

NODESmarket is being set up as a integrated marketplace for local flexibility.  An overview of the concept is described in this video.

FLEXCON2018 midsummer update

On June 28th, FAN co-hosted FlexForward. With 150 visitors we had a very inspiring day on energy flexibility, e-heating and the psychology of energy users.

In the meantime, smartEn and FAN teamed up to organize FLEXCON2018. Following partners confirmed their co-operation with FLEXCON2018 in the early summer of 2018:

  • Siemens: needs no introduction
  • Delta EE: research and consulting company in the transformation of energy markets.
  • EnergyVille: association of Flemish research institutes KU Leuven, VITO and imec for research on sustainable energy and intelligent energy systems.
  • openADR: protocol for Demand Response and Distributed Energy Resources management.
  • TenneT: German-Dutch electricity transport company serving 41 million users.
  • Easy Energy: supply business with energy based on dynamic prices by linking customer-demand to EPEX.
  • Technolution: flexibility & local energy control.
  • Spectral: system integrator in smart energy technology, smart grids, and blockchain-settlement platforms.
  • DER-lab: Distributed Energy Resources Laboratories is an association of 32 research institutes and companies working in smart grids and distributed energy generation.
  • IOTA: enabling decentralized energy systems via Ledger of Everything: Blockchain and Internet of Things.